The Mueller Report

I had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed teams from NewsHour, PBS, and Frontline on an exciting project – creating a top-notch graphics package for the one-hour special, The Mueller Report. This comprehensive package included an array of elements such as title design, key-art, opening sequence animation, lower-thirds, and broadcast Chyron graphics package, along with multiple digital and broadcast promos.

As a key member of the project, I was responsible for designing and pitching the concept to the teams. I also had the critical role of choosing the perfect music and imagery to accompany the stunning visuals.

The coverage was so successful that it led to the creation of additional shorter NewsHour specials, Robert Mueller Testifies, and Inside The Report, both of which utilized the same impactful graphics package. One of the standout features of the package was the title animation, which set the tone for the entire production and captivated audiences from start to finish.

Title animation

And a 30 sec promo. Broadcasted nationwide on PBS’ stations

Credits page and animated backgrounds

And multiple tune-in social graphics shared on IG and Twitter

Here’s the full one-hour special