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  • AARP Animation

    Here’s a little animation I’ve done for AARP. It was a great opportunity to work with Squad’s and AARP teams to produce this!

  • Vote 2020 on SNL!!

    It was terrifying to see my work on SNL last weekend! Last Saturday I was waiting for SNL to start, when suddenly I saw the Vote 2020 branding fullscreen! It took me…

  • Another Peabody Award!

    Our documentary “The Plastic Problem” won a Peabody Award. I was privileged to get a chance to work on amazing project, raising environmental awareness and discussing the dangers of plastic particles in…

  • PepsiCo: Recycling 101

    It was great working with Pepsi’s talented producers on this quick projects. It also helped me learning a lot about recycling.

  • Explainers!

    Explainers are very popular these days in news coverages across many platforms. We started even seeing them on broadcast news shows like Vice, and the reason behind that is mostly the huge…

  • The Renewal Project

    I got the chance to work with Allstate and the Renewal project amazing teams on this cool quick project. Edited in Premier and the graphics in After Effects

  • We got a Peabody!

    Inside Putin’s Russia. Nick Schifrin and producer Zach Fannin spent seven weeks in Russia, traveling to more than 12 cities to provide viewers context for thinking about President Vladimir Putin’s global impact.…

  • In My Humble Opinion: Chris Emdin

    IMHO is a NewsHour series of essays, discusses a wide variety of issues presented by professional, writers, artists, athletes… etc. I rebranded the series and helped reformatting the show. Below is one…

    JFK: Portrait in colors

    I love coloring old photos, it brings memories back to life. And sometimes gives us a little glimpse of how the world looked in a time when history was recorded in black…

  • Orlando

    Shortly after the Orlando shooting was all over the news. I found myself that night designing something different than what I usually do and then posted in online